Protein Technology

Mangrove Membranes’ technology is based on aquaporin, a trans-membrane protein found in all living cells. Aquaporin only allows water molecules to pass through the cell membrane. This is nature’s water purification mechanism.

Mangrove Membranes develops membranes for various purification purposes. For desalination, we aim for a water purity of more than 99.9%, fully comparable to the performance of reverse osmosis (RO) technology. However, the Mangrove membrane only requires half as much energy in the desalination process. That is why the Mangrove membrane is set to cut the total cost of ownership of a membrane-based desalination plant significantly, relative to the RO membrane.

Mangrove Membranes’ aquaporin technology is protected by comprehensive global patents and several pending patent applications. All intellectual property rights are held by Applied Biomimetic A/S, the owner of Mangrove Membranes Inc.

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